Bastler Plushies

This is the order form for a shoulder plushie. Each plushie is about 18cm long, 6cm wide and at least 10cm in height. I can make mares and stallions as unicorn, earth pony, pegasus or alicorn. Examples

The plushie will have a magnet system to attach the plushie to your clothes. I cannot include magnets in plushies which ship to Canada, Japan or the United States.

Favourite/Lenora is an OC from Arifproject

I use the pattern from OneVioletRose, which can be bought on Etsy or on Gumroad.

Your Plushie Order Form

Add Pictures of your OC below. This will generate a color palette from which you can select the material I should use to make your plushie.

The pictures will get uploaded once you finished this order form and be a visual reference for me. If you can, please add a clear image of the cutiemark and the backmane of your pony.


You will need at least 2 Minky colors (one for the hair and one for the body). Embroidery thread is needed for Cutiemarks and smaller details.

Materials selected:

Order details:

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